Are you worried about your marriage?

Whether you’re newly married or you’ve been together for years, there may be moments of trouble in your relationship. Do you sometimes …

  • Feel lonely, even when you’re in the same room? 
  • Get caught up in the same old conflicts without resolving anything?
  • Wonder if your partner really sees and understands who you are?
  • Bury your differences because you can’t see a way to bridge them?

If even one of these patterns feels familiar to you, it’s time to take an honest look at what’s happening between you. I am here to help.

Pathways to transforming your relationship




A different approach to couples therapy

As a longtime marriage therapist, I’ve worked with hundreds of couples in Oregon and now, California. They have taught me so much about what happens when two people reach a crossroads in their relationship.

In my experience, most couples want to get right to the heart of the matter. Therapy sessions that don’t allow room for deeper conversations can feel frustrating and slow.

This is why I offer longer sessions – anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours – so we can make substantial progress every time we meet. I specialize in couples intensives that can help you make more progress in a single weekend than many couples do in months of traditional counseling. I also offer a powerful, focused Marriage Foundational Skills Course for couples in the first five years of their relationship.

Take the first step

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Restart your relationship in a focused one-day or two-day session.

Start out strong

Newly married? This private, skill-building course is perfect for you.