Can a couples intensive transform your marriage?

Many couples get in touch with me when they’ve tried to resolve their differences, but can’t agree on the best way forward. If you feel stuck right now but you’re not willing to stay there, a couples intensive can make all the difference.

Over the course of one or two days, you can make more progress together than you would in months – possibly years – of traditional therapy. Couples intensives are a proven way to:

  • Quickly uncover the core issues causing the greatest pain and conflict
  • See the impact these patterns have on your daily life, career and family
  • Express your views, needs and beliefs with confidence and clarity
  • Hear and understand your partner in a new way while feeling they understand you better, too
  • Find common ground, explore solutions and agree on the ones you’d like to put to work in your relationship
  • Create a step-by-step plan for using the insights you’ve gained to transform your relationship together

What to expect during your couples intensive

I recommend a one-day or two-day intensive if you are dealing with extreme stress that has harmed your marriage. Issues might include:

  • Cheating, lying or betrayal
  • Intimacy and sexual issues
  • Career or money conflicts
  • Blended family tensions
  • Illness or injuries that changed your lives
  • Child, in-law or family struggles
  • Communication that feels broken
  • Anger that flares out of control

In the calm space of a couples intensive, you will be able to see the big picture clearly – possibly for the first time. We will make it safe for you to be true to yourself while learning more about your partner’s feelings and perceptions.

During their private retreat, couples often reach breakthroughs they felt were impossible. I know the same is possible for you. I’ll be there to guide you and help you clarify where the pain is coming from – then help you move right into the skill-building and practice that can change the way you relate to each other every day.

When you leave the retreat, you will have a detailed written guide, outlining the new skills that will help you transform your relationship.This will be your reference and support as you work to create a new life together.

About two weeks after your retreat, we will meet again to see how you’re doing. This two-hour refresher gives you the chance to share your impressions, raise any issues and fine-tune your transformation plan.